Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The Pale Horse" - LEGEND

When it comes to giving a perfect example of metalcore, I can’t help but to think of The Pale Horse by LEGEND. When making this album the members of LEGEND definitely made sure that all the requirements for being a metalcore band were met, from the riffs to the mandatory breakdowns that are followed by one-liners, gang chants, and almost incoherent vocals.

After listening to the first track on this album the first thing that popped into my head was, “Awesome, another band that ripped of Bury Your Dead and The Acacia Strain.” In a scene like today’s you need something to set you apart from your fellow peers, and that is something LEGEND is missing in the album. Don’t get me wrong, The Pale Horse is a decent album. It is well written and slightly sets itself apart from all the other metalcore bands but let’s face it, the only reason this band even got signed was because of Chad’s background in the music industry.

The lyrical content of this album strongly suggest that Chad Ruhlig has some emotional problems that he needs to work out. Half of the songs are about the hatred Ruhlig has for a certain someone and the other half seem has if they are trying to be uplifting and positive with lyrics like, “I found a way to prove to you that I’m more than you think. I will never break.”

So with the sound of The Acacia Strain and Bury Your Dead and similar lyrics to The Ghost Inside, no wonder all the kids love this album, it’s a familiar sound.
2 out of 5


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